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Windsurf Foil

Best Surf Aluminum Foil System

Introducing the Hover Glide modular foil system.

Windsurf Foil

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Once you learn to foil…you’re a foiler.  Period.  Crossing your new foil skills over to another sport is now totally possible, and a lot easier than you may know.  Getting a new set up could be tricky, expensive and you could be just plain wrong.  With our new Hover Glide modular foil system  you can do it your way for Kite, Surf, Wake, Windsurfing, and SUP.  Now its Easy!  See it all now >>

Hover Glide Foil

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Remember, Foil Academy members always get new foil updates first.  We are launching new products and new lessons for all foil sports at  Stay tuned!

Check out the gear or pre-order on

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Bryan Trullinger