Surf Foiling 2018: 3 Biggest Reasons to Start Now - Slingshot Sports
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Surf Foiling 2018: 3 Biggest Reasons to Start Now

Learn Surf foiling 2018: 3 Biggest Reasons to Start Now

In case you needed an excuse, here are a few of our favorite benefits of surf foiling.

Why you should learn surf foiling 2018:

1. Escape the crowds
One of the best things about foil surfing: Great waves with a foil are waves traditional surfers want
nothing to do with. This means no more crowded breaks, no more getting cut off and no more jockeying
for position in the lineup. You’ll have the crappy, crumbly wave down the beach all to yourself, and
you’ll have a blast.

2. Rise above the conditions
You’ll no longer be bummed when the wind picks up and the surf gets blown out. With a foil, you’ll rise
above the chop and ride junky swell like it’s perfect glass. You’ll have the best sessions of your life in
conditions you wouldn’t normally put your wetsuit on for.

3. A new level of fun
Riding a wave on a foil is an experience not like regular surfing. Foil surfing is cerebral. It is a thinking game that will open up new lines and strategies. These strategies and line are not better, they’re not worse either, they are different, and that’s super fresh. If you’ve ever slashed turns down an untouched
run of perfect waist-high powder, you have a taste of what foiling in the surf feels like. It’s totally boring to watch, and yet extremely addicting. You’ll never give up surfing, but when you have foiling as an option, it’ll bring you back to that
rush of catching your first waves, every time you paddle out.

Bryan Trullinger