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  • Learn to kite foil: Best conditions 2018 While it’s true you can learn to kite foil in just about any condition you can kiteboard in, there is definitely a sweet spot in wi

  • In case you needed an extra nudge, here are a few of our favorite benefits of learning to kite foil. Why you should learn in 2018 1. More time on the water It’s simple math

  • Smart people learn from their kitesurf foil mistakes; even smarter people learn from the kitesurf foil mistakes of others. We’re strong believers of that concept when it co

  • Learn the top three benefits of an adjustable track/pedestal for your kiteboard foil mount. Dial in your foil mount and you will enjoy the freedom of your own stance foreve

  • If you’re serious about kite foiling, you need to know about the best harness for kitefoiling. Discover the full freedom of movement with the original hardshell harness, wi

  • How to buy a used kite 2018. Top five ideas for protecting yourself The internet is the great price equalizer. If you’re looking to save some money, your probably loo

  • How to buy a new kite: The five biggest 5 tips 2018 The five biggest 5 tips, how to buy a kite 2018 is finally here! When it comes to gear, kiteboarders have never had more

  • Kite Foil Academy Reviews- it works! When we launched Foil Academy about a year ago, we knew we were filling a huge void. Over the last few years, foiling has exploded arou