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  • The best conditions to learn foil surfing is behind a boat. The idea is simple. A boat or jet ski is like having a ski lift. Imagine learning to snowboard or ski by hiking

  • Learn Surf foiling 2018: 3 Biggest Reasons to Start Now In case you needed an excuse, here are a few of our favorite benefits of surf foiling. Why you should learn surf foi

  • Smart people learn from their surf foil mistakes; even smarter people learn from the surf foil mistakes of others. We’re strong believers of that concept when it comes to l

  • Learn the top three benefits of an adjustable track/pedestal for your surf foil board vs. a fix position Tuttle box. Get the right surf foil mount and you will enjoy the fr

  • As the leader in foil boarding,  we get asked a lot of questions about foil surfing.  We asked our customer service team to compile a list of the most frequently asked ques

  • Aluminum surf foils vs Carbon surf foils – Which is better? The Answer…we love them both. Here’s why. We are firm believers that foiling will connect wate

  • Surf hydrofoil maintenance tips If you’ve clicked through to this blog, we’ve got a pretty good idea that you know what’s coming. In short: Surf hydrofoil maintenance  IS I

  • Should you use footstraps for surf foiling? It’s a new question in surf foiling: To strap or not to strap. In foiling’s early days, pioneers like Laird Hamilton were fully