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  • Choosing the Best Wakeboard Boots | 2018   Open toe, closed toe, stiff or soft?  These questions and more are answered here. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good pa

  • Wakesurf foil: Best conditions to learn 2018… One of the best things about the wakesurf foil is that the water conditions don’t really matter. Once you’re up and foil

  • In case you needed an excuse, here are a few of our favorite benefits of having a Wakesurf foil on our boat. Why you should learn wakesurf foiling 2018: 1. Rise above the c

  • Smart people learn from their wakesurf foil mistakes; even smarter people learn from the wakesurf foil mistakes of others. We’re strong believers of this age-old concept wh

  • Wakesurf foil boarding is a new watersports category.   Knowing how to use all the is gear is important, fun to learn, and will greatly enhance everyday your on the lake th

  • Catching Salmon – Slingshot Wake’s Victor Salmon representing at Thai Wake Park This week the world of wakeboarding has gathered on Slingshot Wake team rider Vi

  • Wakesurf Foil Academy Reviews are in- it works! When we launched Foil Academy about a year ago, we knew we were filling a huge void. Over the last few years, foiling has ex

  • As the leader in foil boarding,  we get asked a lot of questions about wakesurf foiling.  We asked our customer service team to compile a list of the most frequently asked