Slingshot Crossbreed inflatable SUP earns highest rating from SUP Connect
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Early Morning Paddle.

SUP season is here: Are you geared up?

Slingshot Crossbreed inflatable earns highest rating from SUP Connect Magazine

Spring is always an exciting time at Slingshot headquarters. With the change in seasons, we celebrate the return of our favorite sports. Winter is anything but boring in a place like Hood River, but it’s always a big tease living on the shore of a giant river that gives us world-class fun half the year and is inhospitable the other half.

Pumping up the Slingshot SUP

Pumping up the fun!

After a long Oregon winter, we break out our board shorts and flip flops the first chance we get, which is usually about a month premature. This time of year we’re happy to trade cold feet for a taste of sunshine on our pasty skin.

One of the sports we look forward to the most is Stand Up Paddle. Not everyone who works at Slingshot is a kiter or wakeboarder, but we all SUP. That’s one of the greatest things about the sport: it’s easy, it’s accessible and almost everyone can enjoy it. From our accountant, logistics coordinator and sales managers to our graphic designers, customer service representatives, R&D team and even our pro athletes- paddling is one of the few activities every one of us can get out and enjoy basically any time we want.

SUP Connect gives rare “A” rating to Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable SUP:

As a buildup to the 2017 season, SUP Connect published a thorough review of more than 70 of the year’s best paddle boards. Among them, our Crossbreed inflatable SUP was one of only a few, across all categories, to earn the top “A” rating.

We’re stoked but not surprised, as this is the go-to board for everyone on our staff for convenience and user-friendly performance. Here’s what SUP Connect has to say about it.


Slingshot Crossbreed Inflatable SUP’s

Slingshot Explorer Paddles


Some video inspiration:

Packpacking to the late for a paddle.

Mountain Lake Exploration.

Family paddle time.

Family paddle time.







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