2018 Slingshot Nomad, Contrast, and Coalition Wakeboards

2018 Slingshot wakeboards including the Coalition, Contrast, and Nomad, are officially available worldwide, and we’re stoked to share a few of our favorites with you! From cable parks to towboats to winches and more, we’ve got boards ready to shred all conditions.

The Coalition Crew is all the rage right now and so is their board, with custom art designed by Wes Jacobsen. Based off our famous reflex design, we also introduced a 149cm. All sizes are filled with intergalactic ingredients and space age vibes. Get ready for some paranormal activity in the parks this season.

slingshot wakeboards coalition

the 2018 Coalition Wakeboard from Slingshot

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The Contrast wakeboard is our all new women’s board, tested and proven by Carro Djupsjö AND Dylan Miller. It’s the sister board to the Solo – hence Dylan’s approval ; ) -with tons of flex in the tips, and tons of pop through the belly. It’s the best of both worlds for riders who are ready to shred anytime, anywhere, regardless of what the other end of the rope is tied to.

slingshot wakeboards contrast

The 2018 Slingshot Contrast



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The Nomad wakeboard has been the king of the boat for 3 seasons now with it’s longboard vibes, but our ears were ringing in pain with the same question over and over: “When are you going to put a rail base on this beast?” The answer is NOW, aka 2018. That’s right folks, in addition the boat, the Nomad is now ready to rip at your local high wires and we’ve already seen tons of parks riders jump aboard this beast offered in a 150, 155, and 160 cm!

slingshot wakeboards nomad

The 2018 Slingshot Nomad


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Look out for more product videos and information about the 2018 wakeboards hitting the blog in the coming weeks!