What wing is best for wakesurf foiling? Slignshot Sports
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What wing is best for wakesurf foiling?

What wing is best for wakesurf foiling?

The answer depends on a few key factors, such as how heavy you are, what kind of foiling you want to
do, if you want to wakesurf foil right up behind the boat, or are you interested in rope riding and doing tricks. The good news is, with Slingshot’s Hover Glide foil system, you have a range of options that cover pretty much every
variable, and the system is modular so you can mix and match wings to build your perfect quiver.
Here’s a breakdown of the three Slingshot wings that work best for riding behind a boat or jetski. The
H2, H4 and H5 wing. The H5 wing is included with the Hover Glide Foil Wake Package, the H4 wing is
sold separately and the H2 wing can be purchased by itself or as part of the FSurf/SUP package.

H5 wing:
Included with the Hover Glide Foil Wake Package

* Versatile wing for learning and all-around, user-friendly performance
* Fastest of the three foil wake wings
* Great for long-lining on the rope, carving, cruising, jumping and freestyle
* Wake surfable only for smaller, lighter riders or large wakes
* Great for riding behind boats with no wakes.


The H5 wing is the foundation of Slingshot’s foil wake program. It’s an excellent all-around
wing for riders of all sizes, shapes and ability levels. Heavier riders will need a little extra boat speed to
get up and foiling, but once you’re up you’ll be good to go. Extra heavy riders may want to consider the
H2 wing as an alternative since it has quite a bit more lift.
The H5’s main limitation is in the foil wake surfing category. Unless you’re super light or you have a
primo boat with a huge wave, you’ll struggle to stay in the pocket with the H5, compared to a larger
wing with more lift like the H2 or H4.

H2 wing:
The H2 wing has a large surface area and provides lots of lift at slower speeds and in lighter wind. This results in a stable, user-friendly foil and an approachable entry into wakesurf foiling

* Tons of lift, great choice for larger riders and beginners
* Flat profile makes it slower turning but super stable
* Wake surfable for all riders on most sizes of wakes
* Great wing for pumping


The H2 is super stable with tons of lift- ideal for foil wake surfing behind pretty much any boat. Compared to the H4 wing, the H5 feels a lot more “locked-in” side-to- side, which is great for
casual or entry-level foilers who want the most stable setup possible so everyone on the boat can experience success. This is the same wing featured in our windsurf foil and surf/sup foil packages, and is
also great for kite foiling, making it a no-brainer for anyone who wants to cross over to other

H4 wing (batwing):

* Slow speed, high lift wing for versatile freeride performance
* Our highest surface area wing, tons of lift
* Delta shape yields dynamic, skate-like turning and handling
* Great for pumping
* Wake surfable for all riders on all sizes of wakes.
* Surf on the second and third wake back, or behind a jetski
* Great crossover wing for surf and SUP foiling


The H4 wing’s stubby, delta shape gives it tons of lift and dynamic side-to-side handling. This
is the go-to wing for wake surfing behind just about any boat with a motor (including a jetski). It’s the
best “pump” wing in the Slingshot lineup- you can literally surf behind one boat and carve away, pump
across the lake and catch the wake of another boat. It’s not quite as stable as the H5 wing, but it makes up for that in crazy skate-like handling and carving. If you’re an experienced rider who wants to explore
the wake, the water and the boundaries of foiling like never before, this is the wing to do it with.

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