2023 Slingshot Wake Launch

2023 slingshot wake gear is built to shred

Welcome to Slingshot Wake 2023. What started off in 2007 as two boards and one pair of boots has now grown to become one of the most exciting and sought-after product lines in the wakeboarding world. 

In preparation for the 2023 release, we were beyond stoked to get the whole team back together in locations around the globe for proper photoshoots and team hangouts, bringing the vibes back to an all-time high and filling the 2023 product line with all-new flavors for every style or rider. The above hype reel is just a small slice of evidence to support our claim that 2023 was built to shred.

From 2007’s original two-piece wake boots to our signature Gummy Strap Closure System, Slingshot wake boots have blazed their own path since Day One. Watch the video above to hear from Team SLING about what sets them apart. 

Our 2023 wakeboards are the highest-quality decks we’ve ever made but don’t take our word for it…Click the video above to watch Team SLING explain the features and benefits.