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A Winter Wakeboarding Retreat to the Philippines

Dylan Miller and Steffen Vollert report on the ultimate winter wakeboarding retreat.

Words by Steffen Vollert


Summer is great – Fall is the greatest. For us professional Wakeboarders the most hectic time of the year is over. Competitions, demos and other obligations are checked off the list. We’ve done our duty, the days are getting quieter and more chill, and unfortunately the temperature is getting more “chill” as well.  After some off-days, filled with housekeeping, yard work, taxes, and other day to day tasks the motivation to Wakeboard, freeride, and film a new project rises to it’s peak. There is no better place in the world to do so than CWC Wakepark.

Brothers From Different Mothers

Dylan going bank to bar – Philippino Style

It starts by looking into flights, contacting teammates to see what they are up to, eventually you get a crew together. The world-class wake parks and climate in Asia make it very appealing. That’s why so many riders make the trip over during the North American and European winter.

This pretty much sums up a trip to CWC

CWC is definitely one of the most notorious and well-known parks in the world. We have been there a handful of times, but the last time we went was about 4 years ago. After seeing all the videos and photos online of new features at the park we decided it was time to go back and revisit one of our favorite wake destinations.
Upon our arrival, we were stoked to see all the new features. It had changed so much since our last visit 4 years prior. We were accompanied by friends Trever Maur and Graeme Burress as well as Drone Pilot Dave AV, which got us even more hyped to start filming! 

Putting the flex tips on the new “Volt” board to work

Words by Dylan Miller:

“Steffen and I rode way too much the first couple days which is guaranteed to happen when visiting CWC. But after we got comfortable with the new park set up we went right into filming/ shooting photos. It was great to see Steffen ride that much since he spends most of the time behind the camera when we are at parks and on trips together. We rode GoPro laps every day until our hands couldn’t hold on any more.  We filled our Instagram feeds with amazing “BlueWater-PalmTree-Sunshine-Good-times“ Posts.
Being surrounded by so many like-minded people you are soaking up so many different ideas through conversations about different things that you constantly come up with new concepts for videos and photos. On an off-day Steffen had the idea to walk a lap of the whole park with his camera. This Idea got him so motivated that he decided that this is going to be his Vlog Concept for the future.” 
Watch Steffen’s Future Vlog:

When you look this good selfies are completely acceptable

Tree maintenance with tree tools

Splish-Splash, No Baths Required at CWC

Dave AV doing Dave things…

Night Riding at CWC with friends:
The next day he planned to post up at each park feature and shoot photos of me until we had a good shot on each rail and film the whole process with a GoPro mounted to his camera. I was obviously stoked on the idea and jumped right on the water. Check out the Video Steffen has put together.


Dylan working on his Captain Canada pose

Solo Flex tips flexin’

CWC is such a magical place. The whole Park Setup, the Locals, the other guests, accommodation and weather makes it the perfect place to extend your summer. Spending time with like-minded people is simply amazing and lets you grow as a Wakeboarder and as a person in general. If you haven’t had the chance to visit CWC yet, it should definitely be on your list of things to do. 

Philippino “Big Rig”

Our friend “7” taking a nap. He was the 7th cat to show up at our door step one morning. As you can tell we are very creative with names

Steffen is always so cautious with his camera gear.

Back to the dock Dyl, we are not done yet


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