SlingWing V3 Wing

Best Reviews on a Wing Foil Wing – The Slingshot SlingWing V3

The reviews are unanimous

From Importers to Dealers and customers worldwide the riders have spoken and the SlingWing V3 has received nothing but outstanding reviews, we couldn’t be more STOKED!

Feedback from Riders Around the Globe

“The SlingWing V3 is now the best choice between POWER, EASY HANDLING, BALANCE, AND DRIFT. The durability is classic Slingshot to the max. A true best for all wingfoilers and all styles of riding.”  –  Uwe Schröder GERMANY Gleiten. TV

“The SlingWing V2 is really good…The V3 is bloody good as hell! Really powerful, it’s amazing so you can ride with a smaller size and it feels like a toy in your hands. I love the compact shape, rounder, and easier to make jibes and tacks. I can’t wait for my new Slingshot Wing Craft 75 to ride this wing. The next sessions will be awesome!”Eric Town FRANCE


“After one year practicing with the SlingWing V2 and sometimes the Dart, I’m really excited to be able to ride the new shape of the V3. The shape of the V3 is good for me because I love the stability while surfing. I can feel free during my riding because the wing feels very light and my flying never goes wrong.  I can focus on my foiling and pushing the limits of carving on the waves. 

I find the stiffness on the handles is very comfortable for jumping powerfully and rotating quickly. The large handles give me the confidence to try all sorts of jibes and tacks.  I’m very proud to ride everywhere in every condition with this wing. Many thanks for developing good products year after year. See you on the water.” – @Benjamin BUSSY (@Bussymage) FRANCE

Orange SlingWing V3


“I think the best quality of the SlingWing V3 is its ease of use in all conditions. For example, after a jump it always positions itself in the right place to be able to land without having to think about where to put it, it seems to feel the wind. As soon as you try it you will immediately be aware of this crazy feeling.

it has an important feature it has brutal power when you need it and when you want to surf it is neutral and balanced.” – Ricky Zorzi ITALY


 “The SlingWing V3 combines power, rigidity, flexible stability, and maneuverability. You add a Wing Craft foil board and a Phantasm foil and you have the recipe for a three-part winner.” – Ludivine Chinook  FRANCE

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