Best Windfoil board? |2018 Slingshot Dialer – Wizard – Flyer

Best Windfoil board –

Slingshot Dialer or Wizard -Flyer – Which is best?

We often get asked what is the best Slingshot windfoil board for me?   Here is the short answer.  If you’re just starting to foil and are a bit timid the the Dialer board is a great choice.  If you’re coming off an old board but have some foil experience and are feeling confident in your foiling prowess then look at the Wizard. Your board size choice should be based off your body weight.  If your lake sailing and want to blow minds the Slingshot board for you is the Flyer 

Check out the full details on each board listed below.


The Dialer’s traditional shape and longer nose makes it best in class for learning to foil. The Dialer’s nose rebounds off the water when you touch down instead of nose diving.  Nose-diving typically puts you over the handlebars. This rebounding action will help you gain confidence while you’re in the touch and go phase. Being confident in your windfoiling maneuvers will make the learning experience more fun, faster and shorter. Once you are foiling, the Dialer’s shape is helpful for balance and efficient for going upwind, downwind and at all points of sail. If the wind comes up, you can even sail it like a freeride slalom board.

Sailors should select their board size based on body weight.

Dialer 132 RIDER WEIGHT RECOMMENDATION: -Below 77 kg -170 lbs

Dialer 145 RIDER WEIGHT RECOMMENDATION: +77 kg – 170 lbs and up.


The main benefit of the Wizard board is the very low swing weight combined with good all-around usability. Once you get some time on a foil, you will recognize quickly that extra nose length translates to more swing weight which can impede the overall feel of your ride. This board also offers easy up-hauling, which is an important attribute.
The Wizard solves this issue with it’s short and wide construction: At just 5’10”, the Slingshot Wizard 105L would have been the laughing stock of the beach before foiling. Wow… a fat, stubby shape in such vogue! The reason; foils change everything. Once you get the hang of foiling, all you need is a puff and you can pump yourself up to speed and on-foil. The short, agile shape of the Wizard 105L make it perfect for exploring new types of riding.  (It also comes in 6’8” 125L and 6’8” 150L sizes)

You can decide on your board size based on volume metric alone.

68K – 150lbs and below – go for a 5’10” 105L
90K – 200lbs and below for a 6’6” 125L
200 and above go for a 6’8” 150L

If you are currently ripping on your foil, take the leap and go for a 105L


The FLYER is a double agent. You can paddle it or foil it. Pair it with the Hoverglide FWIND1 Foil and commune with nature in the lightest of winds. The days of “not enough wind to have fun” are over. No wind, spotty wind, light wind, no problem! Optimize poor conditions at your local lake. The hull shape on this board is designed for sub-planing conditions. Even a puff of wind gets the Flyer up on foil.   Foil around all day with the confidence that you will get back exactly where you started. Start enjoying the simplicity of low wind, lake cruising. Fly across the water silently, then drop back to cruising. The feeling is surreal and so are the possibilities.


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