Cablepark Hydro-foiling?

Wes Jacobsen tries to conquer the Valdosta Wake Compound on the Slingshot Wakefoiler.

Last weekend we made our way up to Valdosta Wake Compound to check in on the crew as they prepare for the Yard Sale Event. The days were long and the crew was working at a breakneck pace, so it was only fair that we got a few laps before sundown. It’s also Slingshot month with our good friends and retailers at Buywake and they were looking for some fresh new foil content.  Slingshot / Buywake team rider Wes Jacobsen had never ridden the wakefoiler and we happened to bring one with us…It was the perfect storm.  Wes is one of the most comical wakeboarders in the game and putting him on top of the wakefoiler took the entertainment level to new heights.

Warning: Riding hydrofoils at cable parks can be dangerous due to fact that obstacle anchor lines can sometimes run complex routes beneath the waters surface. Due to the underwater nature of stand up hydrofoils there is an inherent risk of sudden stops should the user encounter an anchor line ; ) – please check with your local cable park manager to determine whether or not your waterway is suitable for stand up hydrofoiling.


Truly Yours,

the Slingshot Wake and Slingshot Foil Crew