Jeremy Berlando

Catching Up with the Slingshot Crew – Jeremy Burlando

Hey Jeremy, You have had a busy few years. Can you tell us what you have been up to? 

Hey Sam, I am super stoked to be part of the Slingshot team! It’s been great lately! Here are some of my comps.

1stU16 Junior Spain kiteboarding league Tarifa
1st – Adult Copa Open Air Battle Spain Champ
1st – Junior Copa Open Air Battle Spain Champ

1st – Juniors Air Battle Gran Canaria
2nd – Adults Air Battle Gran Canaria
3rd – Full Power Balneario Tarifa



Sam Light: What are your favourite disciplines? What Slingshot equipment have you tried already and how did you like it? 

Jeremy Burlando: I can do everything when I have a board under me! But my main disciplines are BIG AIR where I use the RAPTOR V1 so I can be sure that I have enough hangtime to do some sick boardoffs and for FREESTYLE I’m using the RPM V12 for the best pop and slack to land my handle passes, now I’m getting also into Freestyle strapless and waveriding with the SCI-FLY 4’8 where t everything is possible and easy to do!

Sam Light: How has Covid-19 affected your plans this summer? Has it changed your idea’s, views or goals in kiting? 

Jeremy Burlando: COVID-19 has affected my plans, like many other people’s plans. Fortunately I now I have had some time on the water alone where I could train even harder for next year competitions. 


Sam Light: What are your long term kiting plans and goals for the future? 

Jeremy Burlando: Of course to be a World champion a few more times! Right now I’m getting into doing more videos and starting to VLOG.

Sam Light: How come you have lived in so many different places?

Jeremy Burlando: Egypt is where I have called home with my family since I was 2 weeks old. 

Sam Light: Are you planning on growing the dreads? 

Jeremy Burlando: YESS, but not longer than my shoulders. 

Sam Light: What does it feel like being the grom on the team? You are the youngest international rider..

Jeremy Burlando: Feels pretty good. I get a bit more attention from other team mates.


Sam Light: If you could only kite in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Jeremy Burlando: I like many places but Stagnone (Italy) is where I would kite for my whole life.

Sam Light: Best place to kite?

Jeremy Burlando: Stagnone (Italy) and Soma Bay (Egypt) – Good winds to do every discipline. 

Sam Light: Worst place to kite? 

Jeremy Burlando: Gusty winds of Saint Pierre Le Mer are not the best for Kitesurfing. 

Sam Light: Bindings or Straps? 

Jeremy Burlando: As I do many disciplines I like both.




Sam Light: Favourite Meal?

Jeremy Burlando: A good Italian Pasta

Sam Light: Favourite Music?

Jeremy Burlando: Trap, my favorite band is MIGOS

Sam Light: Favourite Trick? 

Jeremy Burlando: I have many favorite tricks but a good Slim 7 is my favorite but I also like some Board Offs for example a Triple Tictac

Sam Light TM: Thanks for your time! I am very excited to ride together soon!