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Slingshot Wind Foil: Part 3- The Hover Glide complete modular foil system

Invest in a modular foil setup that can change as you change

This is where things get interesting- and exciting- for Slingshot foil owners. When you buy any of our foils, you’re investing in the Hover Glide modular foil system that is compatible with an entire line of interchangeable components. This gives you the freedom to customize and modify your setup to fit your unique, and changing, needs.

Slingshot Modular Foil System

Slingshot Foiling Flight School – Modular Foil system

When you want a faster setup for more advanced riding, a slower one for lighter wind, a lighter one for jumping and looping or a different configuration for crossing over to surf or SUP, our unique modular foil system lets you make these changes by buying just one or two components instead of an entire new setup.

When you in invest in one setup, you’re well on your way to having all you need for other disciplines of foiling. Check out our boys in Hawaii going from wind foil to surf foil with our modular foil system:

Slingshot’s Modular Foil Line:

Below is a breakdown of Slingshot’s 2018 wind foil lineup. All components are compatible and most cross-over for use in other disciplines (like windsurf, surf, kite, SUP and wake). 

  • 5 carbon Hover Glide front wings
  • 4 aluminum masts- 35.4”, 30”, 20”, 15”
  • 5 carbon masts with deep tuttle connector- 43.7”, 39.7”, 35.8”, 27.9”, 24”
  • 5 carbon masts with four-bolt connector- 43.7”, 39.7”, 35.8”, 27.9”, 24”
  • 5 fuselages- standard Switch Fuse (78.2cm), Pro Fuse short (71.2cm) and Pro Fuse position 1, 2 and 3 (81.2cm)

Slingshot's Modular Foil Line UpNext: Part 4 of this blog series is a closer look at some of the technical components of our wind foil lineup