Gear Talk w/ Team Rider Chris Bobryk – The Slingshot RPM & Raptor Kites | 2020

Chris Bobryk is our newest rider on Team Slingshot. Currently, he is killing it in the Freestyle kiteboarding world and when it’s too windy for the park he proficiently crosses over to big air sending. He recently left Hood River, Or., in a van to head east on new crazy adventures with the MACkite crew. Here is what just trickled back to us for your viewing pleasure!




Chris’s kit for Freestyle riding includes:

The 2019 RPM kite is one of the most unique kites available. Technically, it’s an all-around kite that has a good wind range and relaunches are effortless. In 2019 the RPM received a facelift giving it greater low end power helping it jump much easier than the 2018 and earlier models. Of all the all-around kites, it remains the best performer when it comes to unhooked riding. Not quite a true cross-over kite and not quite a true all-around kite, the RPM stands in a category of its own. If you’re an all-around rider who prefers to be unhooked, you will be amped on the RPM.

Paired with:

The 2020 Refraction is one of the best cross-over boards available. In 2020, the rocker was reduced making it a faster board that rides upwind better. Suited for powered riders, kiteboarders who are rough on their gear or anyone who wants one board for kiteboarding that they can use at the cable park. This is the board.

Chris’s kit for boosting, high wind days:

When the wind goes off, Chris Switches things up and gets sendy with the 2020 Raptor. A fast-turning kite that feels at home throwing kiteloops. It’s made to ride powered up and is a top notch big air kite if you like to go big.

Paired with:

The 2020 Misfit. Conditions sometimes call for footstraps and a twin tip board, this is Chris’s board of choice. Fast, efficient, stiff and loaded with a ridiculous amount of pop. The new Misfit is a solid choice for big air riders. Paired with footstraps, Chris rides the 143 as he doesn’t need any more board with this outline.

MACKite GearBox:

2019 RPM
2020 Refraction
2020 Raptor
2020 Misfit

Big thanks to our partners at MACkite and Ryan Goloversic, #RyGo, for producing some kickass content and video footage.