Gold Coast Wake Park kicks off in Queensland, Aus

Gold Coast Wake Park – NOW SPINNING!

Gold Coast Wake Park is NOW SPINNING!

The Watkins Brothers dream project is now a reality…A full size wake park in their hometown of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

words by Steffen Vollert

“Just like every year… the winter hit us hard here in Germany. We’re constantly trying to make plans for a winter getaway. You are talking to other riders about what they are up to and to the sponsors what they would like to see content wise. If there are any new parks which need some love? Friends who would be stoked if a group of riders would come by and hang out to produce some content to push their business?

After talking with Sesitec, O’neill and Slingshot it was clear that we had to pick Australia. We flew into Brisbane to meet up with James Windsor to ride and shoot at Bli Bli cable park for a few days before heading south to the brand new Gold Coast wake park. Just in time for our visit the cable was fully erect with the UNIT setup in place and the staff was stoked!

It was amazing to see how this place looked in pictures before they started building compared with finding a complete facility built and ready for us to ride. Daniel Watkins said it was the craziest time of his life, and to see it coming to a finish was just overwhelming.

We knew we had a tight schedule to get everything done. We had to shoot pictures of myself for a magazine with Andy Kolb, shoot a Sesitec park opening edit and a “Welcome to the team edit” for Dylan Miller ( congrats again and welcome to the Sesitec family) , feed our social media streams, and get thet Slingshot/ Goldcoast footage needed for a 2-3 Minute edit. Just a day before we started I figured out what we needed and which “story” we wanted to tell.  With Windsor being super pumped and motivated we started stacking the clips!

To complete the edit I thought it was necessary to have Daniel and his family ride a few laps together and celebrate their families accomplishment. It was great to see how they loved it and how much passion went into this project.

We had some amazing days at the gold coast and surely the most productive time of our whole trip. We’re pumped to see this place being a 100% finished and their obstacle setup complete.

Congrats again to the Watkins Family

///For all the camera nerds here are some facts and camera setups used for the whole shoot:

Steffen Vollert behind the camera at the Gold Coast Wake Park - photo by Matty Mulholland

Steffen knows a thing or two about cameras…


Lenses: Walimex Cine Pro 135mm
SigmaArt 24 and 35 1.4 with an Speedbooster XL 0.64

From the shore we used a tripod and mainly the 135 mm…

From the boat and for the intro stuff we used the Ronin M set up with the 24 and 35mm Sigma

Shot in 4K to have the option to crop in afterwards and 1080 60p All-I for some slow-motion