How Hydrofoiling Helped Me Recover from Knee Surgery – CARRO DJUPSJO




9 months and 13 days ago I had ACL surgery for the second time. Anyone that has been through rehabilitation knows the struggle of suddenly not being able to do what you love. Boat days, wake contests, and projects with my friends were replaced by, in all honesty, way too much Netflix and ice cream on the couch. In other words: I was dying to get back outside and on the water. Previously, I had tried to hydrofoil a couple of times at the Slingshot Team shoots and as soon as I was cleared for more activities than stationary bikes and rubber bands, I knew a foil was exactly what I  wanted. Foiling would spare my knees from high impacts while still getting me out on the water and being a completely new challenge! No more did I have to send the text “Hey, I think I wanna start foiling” to my team manager before one showed up on my doorstep (I’m spoiled, I know)!


First things first: Foiling is nothing like wakeboarding! After laughing so hard that my abs hurt the next day from the spectacular falls my friends and I went through the first few minutes, we started picking it up really quickly. So after about 7 months off the water, I finally had a new goal of reaching a Dylan Miller standard of foiling. Luckily the side effects of my goal involve burning quads, trying to fit my HOVER GLIDE FWAKE foil in my friend’s cars/boats anywhere I go and the return of my mental sanity after finally being back on the water. It might be a little tricky to fit my foil in my board bag but even now that I’m cleared to start wakeboarding again, I’ll definitely always from time to time stay “loyal to the foil” ;).