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How to Care and Maintain your Wing Foil Wing | Slingshot Sports

Here is the BEST information on how to extend the life of your Wing Surfing Wing with proper care and maintenance.

1. How to Dry

2. How to Fold 

3. How to Store

Transcribed from Video: 



 Don’t ever hang your wing to dry by the leading edge.

How to Dry: 

 When you do that the strut bladder falls away from where it wants to be seated. So you have one bladder, that’s a strut bladder, and another one, that’s your leading edge bladder, and they need to fill this whole space.  if a wing is hung like this, my leading edge bladder can fall in and get twisted.

Don’t shove your wing into the backpack to store. 

How to Deflate:

The strut bladder wants to be seated up against the leading edge.  It will fall away if you wrinkle it up and shove it into the bag. It can get twisted and when you go to pump it up it will stay twisted. 

Pop the deflate valve. push from the trailing edge so that the bladder stays nice and seated up against the leading edge bladder. It’s all about making sure that the strut bladder stays nice and seated against the leading edge bladder. 

Grab the handles and fold the wingtips together.

To Fold:

Grab the handles so that the wingtips fold together and the wingtips pull together.  It keeps the dump valve exposed. Go down to the tips, line them up, start rolling.  Push the air out of the leading edge as you go and roll. The dump valves is exposed so it can continue to release air. 

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