How to Choose the right SUP for Surfing | 2019

Choose the right SUP for surfing.

This may sound obvious, but if you want a SUP that can perform well in the waves, you want a wave-specific SUP. It’s not to say an open-water/recreation SUP can’t surf waves (they can, we’ve done it), it’s just more of a novelty- they’re slow, prone to pearling and steer like a tractor in the mud. If you’re at all interested in actual surf performance, you’ll want to consider a board designed for surfing.

Once you have that narrowed down, you have three other factors to consider.

First, do you want a crossover board you can use for casual paddling in open water as well?

Second, what size waves will you surf?

Third, how experienced a paddler and a surfer are you

  1. Crossover: If you answered YES to the first question, you’re a candidate for a freeride wave board like the Slingshot G-Whiz 9.0 or G-Whiz 9.4 . It’s shaped for surfing, with a short, wide body, scooped nose, and three-fin configuration, but it’s buoyant and stable enough to keep your feet dry when taking it for a cruise around the lake.
  2. Wave size: If small to medium size waves are all you’ll ever be after (or if you’re a heavier person), you probably want a higher-volume surf SUP that will give you the buoyancy and paddling speed needed to get in front of the waves. In Slingshot’s lineup, this would be the G-Whiz, either the 9’ or the 9’4” depending on your height and weight. If you’re after medium to large waves (or are a small, light surfer), the more slender, lower-volume Rant will give you the agility and on-wave performance you’re after.
  3. Experience: If you’ve put in your time on the waves, you know what it’s like to be on a board that’s too big or small for you and for the conditions. You also know, it’s better to be on a board that’s too big than too small (at least you’ll be able to catch waves on board that’s too big). This is true in SUP surfing as well. If you’re an experienced surfer and paddler looking for a dedicated wave board, a performance shape like the Rant will do you well. Otherwise, we recommend the G-Whiz 9.0 or G-Whiz 9.4. 
  4. If you’re a seasoned pro, its time to learn to SUP foil surf.  We have a ton of info on how to learn this new sport.




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