Installing Kite Line extensions

How To Install 3-Meter Kite Line Extensions

How to install 3-meter line extensions.

Slingshot 20” control bars come with 3-meter extensions. Using 20-meter lines you’re going to have a faster kite, it’s going to be more reactive, better for kite loops, but it’s going to have slightly less power. Installing the 3-meter extensions is going to move the kite a bit farther away from you. You’re going to have a bigger turning arc which will create more power, which is good in light wind, and the kite is going to be slightly slower as well. Those are the two big differences.

Here is how you attach the 3M line extensions:

  1. Lay out and separate your lines, just like normal.
  2. Determine which lines are the steering line extensions and which are the power (middle) line extensions.
  3. Take the pigtails off the end of the lines.
  4. Attach the extension by threading it through the loop and then back on itself. (see image.)
  5. Reattach the pigtail to the end of the extension.

Thread the line extension through the loop and then back on itself creating a larks head knot.

We’ve successfully added the 3M extensions to the 20 meter lines that come with your bar. Let’s go shred.

The best way to feel the difference is just a trial, a different settings on different kites and in different wind conditions.

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