How to set up and customize your 2019 RPM Slingshot Kite

Customize your 2019 RPM by using kite pigtail settings by Sam Light



Shhh…We get it. You might need to keep the volume down on this video explaining the pigtails, configuration, and how to really optimize the RPM for your riding style.  The kite has more #BEANS, so get the most out of it right! That’s cool, and that’s why we transcribed the video.



I’m going to give you a quick rundown of what knots I use. Okay, 9 times out of 10, I just use the end knots. It’s a really good all around … The kite’s been tuned and refined so much already that you don’t need to mess around with these. On the rear lines, the steering lines, I always use the end knot, the furthest away from the kite, no matter what.

On the front lines, again, I use the end knot, but if I think I’m going to be really overpowered, I might bump it up one or two. Pigtails highlighted in the red box below.

RPM front pigtails


Wake style and freestyle, which you can see right here. These settings change the kite quite a lot. See Photo Below

RPM Settings


If you’re doing big air, I would always select on the freestyle setting because it’s the fastest, most responsive, and has the most hang time. If you put it on the wake style setting, the kite will sit back in the window a little bit more, be more direct, but less responsive. So it’s much better for grabs and handle passes. I will always use the wake style setting in the smaller sizes if I’m doing handle passes, or grabs, or park, or anything like that. I’ll have it on freestyle for any kind of big air, freeride, because the kite performs the best on the freestyle setting.

The other knot I need to talk about is at the trailing edge of the kite here, you’ve got two knots. Here on the side, you can see plus and minus kite feedback. See Photo Below

RPM Feedback

The pigtail at the end of the kite will give you the fastest steering kite, but less feedback and less bar pressure. The inside knot will give you more feedback, but slower turning. For big air and free ride, I will always use the trailing knot. For the park, wake style, freestyle, I’ll use the inside knot to slow the kite down and make it less responsive.


I’m getting a little bit chilly, um, so … Oh, the hovercraft is coming. Check out how cool this hovercraft is. This hovercraft is one of … I think it might be the only commercial hovercraft in the world. It’s really cool. It goes over to the Isle of Wight in eight minutes? Very expensive, but very cool novelty factor. I think I’ve covered all the knots, my setup. If you’ve got any more questions, let me know. I’m going to go home, edit this up and get it online. Peace out.


To summarize, Slingshot has brought the RPM into a more freeride, hangtime, big air realm. If you’ve never tried an RPM because of its unhooked nature, then I think you owe it to yourself to try the new version because it’s a completely different beast.  It has more Beans!!

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