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An interview with the Copycatsclub founder and graphic artist of Slingshot Wake’s 2022 women’s product line: Ms. Sina Fuchs.

The CCC first came onto our radar just a few years ago after Sina’s first visit to the Valdosta Wake Compound. She brought new energy and excitement to the park from a female’s perspective, with fresh ideas and energy to inspire more girls to grab a handle and hit the water. As her riding, art, and overall commitment have evolved we’ve expanded our working relationship and could not be more thrilled to release the Copycats signature series in 2022…Here’s more from Sina herself:

When was the Copycatsclub established?  

The idea started in the Winter of 2018. 


Why did you create it?  

If you were going on all big accounts for wakeboarding brands/magazines at that time all you really saw was men’s wakeboarding, but if you visited the girl’s accounts you could see they also created amazing content. After doing it for three years, it’s easy to understand.  Let me explain, if you get a pop-up ad and click on it and a mens video or a girls wakeboarding video pops up, what would you first click on? Let me know if I’m wrong but I think a woman clicks on the women’s video and the men on the men’s video. All the big accounts are managed by men so you can’t even be angry that girls don’t get the attention they deserve. It’s the personal interest of people and we just need more girls behind the scenes. But definitely, something is happening because it’s starting to change a little bit.


Is there a limit to the number of members or can anyone join?

Copycatsclub is for women’s wakeboarding, if you are making laps around a cable you are in the club doesn’t matter what level. It’s all about having fun together, supporting each other on every level, and living the passion.


The CCC Magazine is AWESOME.  How often do you plan to release issues, and how much time goes into each issue? 

The magazine this year is a test to see if it works out.  I’m planning twice a year. It’s a process over the whole year. Planning, themes, advertising, promoting, and designing are all on me. My mom helps me by sending it out when I’m in America. I’m really thankful for that. I really have fun with it and really would love to continue but right now we need to find additional support to continue.

with a setup as fresh as 👈🏽 that 👆🏽 how could you resist joining the club?

Who are the top 3 female riders to keep eyes on in 2022? 

I feel like Top 3 of female riders is the wrong term. I feel we are looking for a new decade. Who are the top female riders in boat, park and streets to keep eyes on in 2022 – Claudia Pagnini definitely brings park to another level. Jamie Lopina killed it in boat and park and is my overall choice this year! New and killing it is young gun, Rivers Hedrick. Anna Nikstad, Julia Rick, Meagan Ethell and Lisa Baloo continue every year on a high level of contest and content which is so impressive! Elena Bodi, Joelina Gerards, and Mary Morgan Howell have tricks in their pockets and I’m excited to see what they are going to do with it in the coming years. Hot in having fun and showing how fun it is to ride as a girl gang – Dudettes in Lithuania, the girls in Poland, and the young guns in Australia are my favorite girl gangs. Don’t sleep on the streets because riding there is another level than in circles in the Wakepark. Coti Scaglia, Hannah Mennega, Anne Freyer and I would put my name on that list. I would love to see in 2023 a little bit more creative tricks and qualitative content and fewer solo hits for Instagram.


Tell us about the design of the CCC board – why do you feel it’s the best design for girls to ride in the park? 

I would say it’s the perfect board for any girl who loves to have fun on the water and wants to progress her riding. And maybe also if she loves pastel colors. Haha.


Where are your top 3 favorite places to ride it?

Valdosta Wake Compound, Wakepark Triolago, Aschheim Wake and Thai Wake Park. Sorry can’t get it down to three but I also have a lot more on my list that I want to visit. 


Did you attend art school or just natural talent? The board art and boot design is 🔥 on all the women’s products this year, and the colors/layouts of each mag are super unique!

Thank you so much! I grew up with drawing everyday and at age 7 I chose art as a main subject – like math and language until I finished school. I’m always attracted to colors – sometimes so much that I scare myself, haha.  


When and how did you (personally) find your way into Wakeboarding?

At age 13 I started snowboarding and I didn’t think there was anything better out there until I got into wakeboarding when I was 18. I felt like I could ride powder and park at the same time! Still feeling like that! 


What’s your current “home spot”?

I would say Valdosta Wake Compound


What inspires you the most? For wakeboarding and all the creative stuff?

Snowboarding definitely for riding. Creative stuff is anything that crosses me in my daily life. 


What draws you to winching?  Do you think it is worth all the effort that goes into it?

Hell yeah it’s worth it! First you have a mission with your friends together which is already so worth it! Because there is always a good story to tell after a trip. And landing a trick in the streets feels like you really did it and you will be hyped forever for it. 

Luca Glinski Feeling things out for 2022
Yes you CAN!

When is the Sewercats 2 dropping?

Our original film cutter got sick. Trying to figure out what I am doing but I’m cutting it now by myself and it’s gonna drop when I’m happy with it.


We heard your fiance is a rapper and wrote a hit song about YOU called Love Letter to Bill? What’s it like to be in a relationship with a rap artist?

Man, I hope the world gonna see his talent soon because I’m so proud of him! 

Katinka Buiting getting a feel for the 148 Copycat Pro
The face says it all...Shout out to Sina for the inspiration. 2022 is going to be 💥🔥
Coti Scaglia giving the natives a sneak peak...
Yes, it's THAT good! 😍

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