Kiteboarding in Greece – Stijn Mul and Slingshot Sports

Last summer Slingshot rider Stijn Mul visited a beautiful kite spot near Patras in Greece. Sam Light, Slingshot Team manager, catches up with Stijn about his trip.



Hey Stino! You just dropped a short video from Greece last summer, can you tell me more about that location? It looks epic!

STINO: Pattras, Greece is a dream. Riding on crystal clear water with either boots, straps, or the foil was great! We went there to improve our freestyle skills and sometimes the wind was also strong enough to practice big air! We loved to combine a foil session in the morning, freestyle for lunch, and board off as a dessert 😜 . It was the first time we met Fred Hope and man, he is good!!



What were your goals for the trip? It looked like both your big air riding and freestyle progressed a lot.

STINO: We went to Greece with the camper and we brought so much kite gear! We brought the RPX for freestyle and big air in combination with the Asylum and the new Formula! We used the UFO for foiling when there was a light breeze in the mornings🚀 . Because it is windy there almost every day we could land many new tricks like a heart attack 7 and our first kite loop board offs! The wind comes either from the east or the west! You can ride this spot with flat water on both sides. We met all the local people and had a lovely time with them during the sessions and with many barbecue nights. This is why we love Greece so much!!