WindFoiling Flight School

Learn to Windfoil, Easy and Safe: Use a Graduated Mast System

Learn to Windfoil, Easy and Safe: Use a Graduated Mast System

We’ve come to find that the popular belief among veteran windsurfers and those with an itch to try, is that learning to windfoil may be difficult and dangerous. Our take: Not true.

If you’ve spent seasons chasing the wind, there may only be a handful of sessions between you and the feeling of flying. There are two powerful tools that you need to know about if you want the easy, safe, fast track on your windfoil.

1. We’ve tapped the know-how of our most experienced gear developers and team members to develop the —the most comprehensive learning course available online. Hit this course before you hit the water. It’s free and highly rated!

2. Foiling Flight School. On the water the secret to success is using a simple graduated mast system; that’s the best way we’ve found to reduce or eliminate the fear that comes with jumping right into the 35.5” FWind 1 . Foiling Flight School is a three-mast system.

First is the Taxi Stage
Second is the Touch and Go stage.
The third is the Solo stage.

The benefit of riding a short mast allows windsurfers sail with intention like you normally do. Not being timid will let you experience the feeling of flying while still maintaining aggressive, comfortable, familiar riding posture—a key element in successful flights. Many riders that drop right into a full-sized mast get intimidated by the experience of a foil flipping upside down (an unfortunate occurrence that happens all too often even to experienced riders trying their hand at foiling).

The Taxi Stage

Foiling Flight School
Instead of jumping in full-force then pulling back on the reins into a more timid, safer feeling position, a short mast allows new foilers to maintain leverage. In time, a rider will learn to keep control over the foil, eventually finding the first real runs with the Taxi Mast—lifting and breaking free for fleeting, freeing moments. Once this begins to feel like child’s play (which—trust us—will happen sooner than you think), it’s time to graduate.


The Touch-and-Go Stage

Foiling Flight School
Controlling the foil with front foot pressure is the spotlight skill with the 24” mast. Soon, riders will develop small body movements that, with time, become positive muscle memory. As skills converge, and foilers leave behind the touch-and-go stage for more extended flights, it’s time for the last graduation.


The Solo Stage

Foiling Flight School
The solo stage is where skills acquired in the previous two stages combine to paint a comprehensive picture of windfoiling. The influence of body weight, stance, and how a rig influences a particular type of riding becomes second nature and flights become longer, freer, and supremely enjoyable.

After you graduate to the 35.5 inch mast that comes with your windfoil your going to be stoked. Now what?  Start playing with aftermarket wings, but before you do, let us give you one final tip.

When you want to learn more advanced tricks, but that smaller mast on. You will be amazed at how fast you learn it.

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