learn to wing surf

LEARN TO WING Lessons – Best Practices, Learning the Wind Clock, Sailing Up & Downwind and Tacking


ANYONE can Wing.

Converting your standard SUP with the Slingshot sUP WINDer allows you to ride upwind with a Wing. Wyatt Miller, Slingshot Brand Manager,  takes you through the easy steps of where to begin so you can start Winging TODAY.

Below are some basic tips on HOW TO WING that will get you confidently on the water with your Slingshot SlingWing in hand and your sUP WINDer on your board! Perfect for getting people on the water to hone their winging skills before making the next step to a foil board.

Here are the TOP 3 important tips and tricks to make you a successful WINGER quickly. 

1. How to Self Rescue

2. The Wind Clock

3. The Upwind Turn




One of the most important protocols in any water sport is the method of self-rescue. Here is how to be safe and in control when you are winging.  Watch this video to learn more. 




An important lesson in any wind sport, including Winging, is knowing the direction of the wind and how to channel it to your advantage. Once you become proficient in knowing the wind direction you will quickly excel at Winging.



The upwind turn or "tack"

Learning to TACK or upwind turn is an important skill when learning to Wing. Staying upwind will enable you to move on the water in both directions as well as return to where you started. Super important! Here are some easy to follow tips to staying upwind and learning to tack with your Slingshot SlingWing and sUP WINDer




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