Learn Wakesurf Foiling 2018: 3 Biggest Reasons to Start Now

In case you needed an excuse, here are a few of our favorite benefits of having a Wakesurf foil on our boat.

Why you should learn wakesurf foiling 2018:

1. Rise above the conditions
It’s always a bummer when the wind picks up and ruins your nice glassy session. Having a foil on the boat is the perfect solution. When the water gets choppy, bust out the foil and rise above the
conditions. Rough choppy water you’d get beat up trying to ride on a wakeboard feels perfect glass.

2. Any boat
One of the greatest things about a foil is that you don’t need a fancy wakeboarding boat to do it. You can have a blast behind almost any craft with a motor. All you need is enough power to get you up and out of the water. Once you’re up, the efficiency of the foil takes over and you barely need any power. The pull is so light you can literally hold the rope with your pinky. A jetski, a pontoon or an old fishing boat with a little outboard- it really doesn’t matter with a foil.

3. Next-level fun
Wakeboarding and snowboarding have a lot in common, and if you’ve ever slashed turns down an untouched run of perfect waist-high powder, you have a taste of what foiling feels like. It’s totally
addicting, and it’s a new level of progression that brings back those amazing first-time feelings again. Use a long rope and carve huge, butter smooth turns in the flats, or ditch the rope and surf the wake like you’ve never done before- either way, it’s next-level fun for your boat.