Learn Windfoiling: 3 Biggest Reasons to Start Now

In case you needed an excuse, here are a few of our favorite benefits of having a windfoil in our windsurfing quiver.

Why you should learn to windfoil in 2018:

1. More time on the water
It’s simple math that every windsurfer will love: Adding a windfoil to your quiver equals more opportunities to get on the water, and more fun when you do. Light wind is great, spotty early/late season conditions won’t stop you and when the wind tapers off in the evening, you can still get out after work and cruise until dinner  or cervezas call. Your time on the water is precious, and having a foil to count on will give you more of it.

2. Explore more
Foiling adds a whole new concept on exploration to windsurfing. What used to take you half an hour of hard sailing, you can do in about 5 minutes with a foil. You’ll cover 10 miles in about the time it takes the slow guy on the beach to rig up. With foiling, your world on the water suddenly gets a whole lot larger. A GPS tracker that maps your miles will be your new favorite accessory!

3. Lower impact
Once you get over the learning curve, foiling is dramatically easier on your body than windsurfing. No more killing your back and shoulders, pounding through the chop like you’re skiing moguls- with a foil its powder turns all day long. The efficiency is so high and the friction so low that once you’re up and foiling, half the time you won’t even harness in.

Those are all great reasons, but the truth is windsurfing is hard to master. Which lets you sit in an elite class of your own. All that said, instead of just harvesting years of your learning going back and forth trying to optimize every condition into a perfect session, try something new. After all the time you have invested in learning, take some time and just add one more element to your sport, it’s easy, and you will be flying your windsurf rig in no time.