Howzit everyone, Mike Scott here checking in with everyone. This fall and winter on Oahu has been great for surfing and fun for kiting as well. In November I cut my leg on the reef in Maui bad (13 stitches) and had to stay out of the water for a month because of it getting infected. I’m loving the new Tyrant surf board and Ralley combo, it works great. Joby Cook and I got to cruise for a few months out here as well, was good times. We got some flat water wakestyle in during some kona storms and were able to kite Waikiki, which only happens once or twice a year. After I got all healed up, I filmed a few sessions and put together these clips. The new Go Pro HD is a fun toy and captures a whole lot of kiting. If youd like to follow me more closely check out my blog site, for the latest vids, photos, and my upcoming plans. I hope everyones having awesome kiting this year!