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How to Pack Your Kite:  Keep your kite crisp and clean for a longer life!

We’ve all done it. You get off the water buzzing about how great of a session you just had, toss your kite on the beach and head straight for a cold beverage. Three hours later, kite still sitting in the sun and flapping in the wind, you roll it up like a sandy burrito, stuff it in your bag, and hit the road.

If it were a rental, you wouldn’t think twice about it. But it’s not. It’s your kite. You spent hard-earned money on it, and you need it to look, feel, and fly crisp and clean for as long as possible.

How to pack your kite after a session:

  1. Roll it up as soon as you’re done using it. Don’t let it flap in the wind and soak up the sun while you drink beers on the beach. The less time your kite spends exposed to the elements, the longer it will last.
  2. If your kite is wet, let it dry before rolling it up. If it’s wet with salt water and you have a fresh water source available, a quick rinse isn’t a bad idea.
  3. Deflate your kite using the dedicated deflate valve (NOT the inflate valve).
  4. Lay the kite flat with the underside of the canopy facing up. If you’re in a windy location, hold one of the wingtips and let the wind blow the rest of the kite downwind.
  5. Lay the bridles on top of the kite.
  6. Make sure the leading edge is straight and flat on the ground, not twisted.
  7. Press any remaining air out of each strut as you go.
  8. Starting with the upwind wingtip, loosely fold the kite from the wingtip to the first strut, and fold again to the middle strut. From there, roll the kite from the outer fold to the center strut.
  9. Repeat this process on the other side until both rolled sides meet. You may need to put a little weight on the rolled half to keep it in place.
  10. Squeeze any remaining air out of the struts, shake off any sand and fold the rolled kite in half (for smaller kites) or in thirds (for larger kites) so it will fit in your bag.

Also, check the How to Pack Your Kite video:

Note about folding:

Avoid folding your tightly and repeatedly in the same location to prevent creasing and creating a weak point in your bladder. The loose fold then roll process we have shown in this video is a suitable method.