Phantasm Foil Packages


Over the last three years, the R & D department at Slingshot sports has developed and tested carbon wings, preg moldings, stress testing… The result is the world’s largest collection of hydrofoils under one brand that crosses over to 5 sport categories.




The platform consists of ??? ala carte front wings, 12 packaged lowers and 4 complete packages. 

Your foil is a big investment so it was important to us to stay true to the modular system. Every mast, wing , fuse and stabilizer are compatible with every other piece in the Phantasm line. The Phantasm line allows you to custom build your setup based on your sport, desired performance and price.   Migrate from one sport to another,  mix and match to your heart’s content. 

The line is SO detailed that we believe it’s important to give a full rundown to get you up to speed. 

So pick your sport and let’s dive in!

Diversity is our greatest design strength.  As early leaders develo[ping the foil market, we worked with the best athletes that pushed foiling into kiting, winging, windsurfing, surfing, wake, and even dock pumping.   As a result, our R&D department developed a deep understanding of where foil performance design will meet riders’ future demands as these sports evolve.  Rider insights drove decisions that impacted our commitment to advanced material and applications science that the Phantasm line is built on.   The Phantasm line offers performance top riders demand today and will need tomorrow.  Things like stiffer mast, faster mast profiles, a mast that does all that and still turns.  A massive selection of wings offers riders a journey that they control   Aeronautical designs that let riders tinker with speed, glide, pumping, carving, surfing.   Durability that withstands the most demanding and punishing conditions.  The Phantasm is Different by Design because every rider has different needs.   No Vanilla here; it’s more like 31 amazing flavors.

Phantasm Hydrofoil Wings

Phantasm PFI Foil Wing
PFI 633_710
PFI 633_710
Phantasm PFI 730_710
PFI 730_710
PFI 835_710
PFI 835_710
Phantasm PFI 928_710
PFI 928_710

Windfoil Specific Lowers

The 872 fuselage is a longer fuse that is a bit longer than the standard 710mm fuse. It is available on packages …..

Phantasm PFI 928_872
PFI 928_872
Phantasm PFI 730_872
PFI 730_872
Phantasm PTM 926_872
PTM 926_872
Phantasm PTM hydrofoil wingswings
PTM 684_710
PTM 684_710
Phantasm PTM 730_710
PTM 730_710
Phantasm PTM 926_872
PTM 926_872
Phantasm PTM 1001_710
PTM 1001_710
Phantasm PFH Wing
PFH 767_710
PFH PTM 767_710

Phantasm Masts

Review of Phantasm Kite Foil

Reviews from KiteWorld –

made from super high modulus 12K carbon for the most predictable ride no matter your speed or style.