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Plastic Free Eco Friendly Packaging for Surfboards

Reducing impacts and finding solutions: Our environmentally responsible efforts on board manufacturing and shipping

All of us here at Slingshot Sports live our lives on the water—from wake to kite to surf, our personal passion and feverish commitment has established Slingshot as an industry-leader in innovation, performance and quality. And that industry leadership includes reducing the impact, whenever possible, that our products and manufacturing have on the environment.

Are we perfect? No. There is an environmental impact any time something is manufactured. Chemicals, materials, and energy are used—none of which happens without registering an environmental impact. However, we unrelentingly strive to reduce that impact and have taken steps over the years to innovate and create environmentally responsible manufacturing and packaging solutions.




Single-use plastic has a devastating effect on our marine environment and we knew we had to find an alternative for our board packaging. Our solution has been to use Flexi-Hex, an innovative hexagonal-cellular cardboard sleeve that is not only recyclable but also extremely strong and durable, ensuring your board arrives in primo condition—and 100% free of plastic packaging.

All Slingshot Sport’s Kite Surfboards, as well as most Foil Boards, come packed in this amazingly compression resistant cardboard. It completely covers and protects the rails, deck, nose, and tail on your new favorite board. 

plastic free

These steps highlight our efforts to lead the way in reducing the environmental impact of our board manufacturing and shipping. But we are far from finished. We will continue to innovate solutions to our impacts. We continue to do better. For you. For our business. For the environment.