I’m am so excited right now! I am a blog virgin and it feels soooo good, I had no idea what I was missing out on these last 22 years, totally should have lost my blog virginity sooner. I am currently sitting at home icing my knee after a semi hardcore early morning rehab sesh. My knee is getting a lot better and for those of you that didn’t know I hurt my knee, I tore my meniscus about 2 months ago. I should be riding my freshy new reflex I got here in about a week on rails and maybe 2-3 weeks and I will hopefully be back on the wake. I CANT WAIT! Well, I believe it is my time to stop blogging and go watch some soccer, thanks for reading everyone I love you for it!

we’ll talk soon!

Rob Jacques

*EDIT* to add my name because I’m stupid haha