post author: Jeff McKee

I’m finally getting back on track after nearly two weeks on the opposite side of the world. At first I started digging a hole in my backyard but quickly discovered it would be far quicker to fly to the opposite side of planet earth. Plus in one trip I earned nearly 30,000 skymiles with delta which was worth the trip in itself. The first stop was Philippines where we focused on filming exclusively for an upcoming Slingshot wake video project. The footage turned out incredible. The governor LRay lent us his helicopter while at CWC so we got some rad angles and shots of some of the sickest rails I’ve ever hit. After 10 full days in Camsur, It was time to head to singapore…

Singapore – When I arrived in the singapore airport it was midnight and I was a hot mess. I barely made my flight, forgot my carry on luggage in the overhead compartments, and started wiggin’ out when I arrived in baggage claim to find my board bag on someones luggage cart abandoned in the corner looking as if someone had planted a bunch of drugs in it or something. The immigration cards said “drug trafficking punishable by death,” so somehow I was convinced that my bag was a set up for the ultimate doom. Thankfully I made it out into the open air alive and unharmed!

My first impressions of Singapore was “Wow!” The streets are so clean and the architecture is extremely impressive! A world apart from my previous destination in Philippines. Everyone drives super fancy cars, there’s gucci shopping malls all over the place, and the people are warm and welcoming. It was great to be in Singapore! My first meal was full asian style including tons of rice, curry, and even fried chicken’s feet. They were actually pretty damn tasty besides the fact that you had to spit out all the knuckles before you could swallow.

As for the wake scene in Singapore, It was fore more established than I anticipated. Michael Teck Tan is our Slingshot Importer in Sing and also the owner of “The Board Shop” pro shop which just so happens to be located in one of those insane high end shopping malls. Mike and his crew Joseph Soh, Brent Chambers, and Stuart Perkins all did a great job of showing me the town, the nightlife (including a bar where all the women weren’t exactly who they claimed to be haha), and all that the wakeboard scene has to offer. We did some great demo’s out in the salt in front of Seletar Island where there were about 7 or 8 wakeboard boats loaded with people all trying to ride at the same time…haha. It was awesome! Thanks to Kenny and Ann from Substance as well as Paul From Edge for each giving me a tow, and also to David Ngiam for snapping some rad shots! Also on the trip we checked out Batam cable park in Indonesia and the Ski 360 cable in Singapore. In all it was a trip to remember and for that I owe huge thanks to Slingshot, Michael Tan, Stuart Perkins, Brent Chambers, The Board Shop, Substance, and everyone else who was a part of it!