Slingshot Foil 2018 | Valdosta Cablepark Mayhem with Louis Floyd and Crew


Slingshot Foil 2018 | VWC Cablepark Mayhem with Louis Floyd and Crew


It’s FOIL FRIDAY and to celebrate, we’ve got a rad edit from @mantispromedia and our boy Louis Floyd that’s sure to get your stokemeter pinned for this weekend! What’s cooler than Quinn Silvernale, Wes Jacobsen and Louis Floyd at a cablepark together? The answer is Quinn, Wes, and Louis PLUS 2 FOILS! Watch as the masters of style get a schooling from Louis on what it takes to become a semi professional hydrofoiler ; ) -The SS Crew.

“I had been speaking with the Valdosta crew about riding the foil at  the cable for the last few months and I finally had a day to get up there recently.  After a couple weeks of bad weather this was long overdue, and the weather was perfect! We pulled up, had a quick stretch and then started putting foils together. I jumped straight out while Quinn was finishing up some maintenance (which I suspect was actually just a delay tactic). We slowed the cable down for Quinn as he’s still a rookie on the foils. The slower speed can be a life saver and helps you get your bearings straight. Once he made a full lap I jumped out there with him and had a doubles set (which seemed to help him out loads). While I was out there I helped him with his mast height on the foil so he wouldn’t shoot out of the water. Riding next to him I was able to tell him how to adjust his weight from front foot to back depending on if he was getting too low or high on the foil, keeping him in the sweet spot. I worked on a few things myself but I had an awesome day coaching a few of the local riders too. I can’t wait to get the foil back on the cable.” 
-Louis Floyd

All photos courtesy of @mantispromedia

Masters of Foil

Quinn and Louis out rounding up all those ropes and handles that got away.

Quinn Silvernale go for launch

Back to the sitting dock start he goes…

Quinn mastering his inner "chi"

Quinn mastering his inner “chi.”

Foils up!

Foil’s Up!

Louis Floyd riding high and grabbing rail!

Louis Floyd riding high and grabbing rail!

Flat water SEND!

Flat water SEND!

This is how the pros hold them... ; )

This is how the pros hold them ; )

Best Friends Forever?

Best Friends Forever?