Slingshot Global Episode 2



Every Summer the German Distributors for Slingshot hit the road with their entire fleet of Slingshot Wake product with 1 MISSION – to spread the stoke for wakeboarding at every cable-park they can. Joining the tour is like becoming a member of the band. From long hours on the road to late nights by the campfire, setting up boards for friends to try, riding some of the best wake-parks in the world, sharing stories, beers, and more…This tour is hard work with a high reward. Over the Summer of 2020 with the pandemic keeping everyone closer to home, we sent team rider and master behind the lens – Steffen Vollert – out to capture the vibes of the German summer with Slingshot Wake and friends. This video not only gives us the warm and fuzzies, it reminds us of the camaraderie that comes with the sport and the endless good times that can be had when traveling to pursue your passion. Whether it be locally or globally, at the end of the day these smiles and high fives are what we live for … even if we can’t understand what they are saying and are pretty sure they’re talking smack 😉.


Images by Steffen Vollert

From Team Rider Wes Jacobsen:

“I think this tour has a huge impact on Slingshot’s presence in Germany.  It gives the opportunity for so many parks and people to not only try out the new product but also interact with the riders and people behind the brand. Daniel Schöllhorn has been leading the way on this tour for nearly ten years and it’s great to see some appreciation for all of his hard work.  He is truly a Slingshot soldier and has done so much for the sport in Europe.  I had the pleasure of attending some of the tour’s stops this summer and it was such a pleasure.  It’s so sick to link up with all the Slingshot Germany riders at so many different cables that you’ve never visited and just vibe out with the squad, get some clips, beers, food, etc.  It’s also such a blast helping out with the setup and breakdown of all the gear, screwing bindings on and off, and helping people find the right Slingy board for their riding style. And hopefully converting some people to Slingy in the process!  All in all it was such a great experience being a part of this tour and it makes me even more proud to be a Slingshot Rider than I already am.  Can’t wait to hit the road again next year with this amazing crew!”