Slingshot Hydrofoil Wing Selector – Hover Glide | 2022

Choosing the best foil setup


The worlds leading hydrofoil platform just got stronger!  Slingshot Sports now offers over 20 different hydrofoil wings for 2022. This means you can dial in your Hover Glide hydrofoil for 6 sports, any riding style or condition!  The cool thing about our modular system is we have put the freedom of choice in your hands.  You can optimize your foil for your riding style, body weight, and local conditions.   With 6 watersports to choose from, you have the confidence to build your Hover Glide foil for any sport and any ability level. Learn, progress, and then explore your options to optimize your ride or maybe dial it in for different people you ride with.  When you get a chance, we encourage you to check in with your local dealer to find your favorite wing. Find your perfect foil package HERE or click below. 

Ask for a Demo!  Ride before you buy. Dial it in for Wake foil, Kite foil, Wind foil, Surf foil, Stand up foil. and Wing Foiling.


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