Jeremy Burlando

SLINGSHOT RIDER FEATURE – Jeremy Burlando | Dart

JEREMY BURLANDO was the Junior Freestyle World champion in 2017 at the age of 12. He is from El Medano, Tenerife in Italy.

Slingshot is proud to have him on the team as he pushes forward with his passion.

Jeremy believes that Kiteboarding is not only a sport: it’s a means of teaching that discipline and hard work help you achieve goals. It also teaches respect for nature, love for the sea, and honor of the wind.
“Kiteboarding teaches me to control fears and to put myself at the lead of my decisions. And it’s much more fun to share it with friends :)”


Team Manager, Sam Light, catches up with Jeremy in Italy.

Hey Jeremy, how’s it going? See you got some new winging gear! It looks like you are enjoying it and progressing fast, how is your new Phantasm foil and wing gear? 

Hey Sam, super stoked to be doing some Q&A for the blog. So yeah let’s start !!!

Yeah as you know I got some new SS DART WINGS, the first impression it looked a bit strange outside of the water but once I tried it I changed my mind completely.  It has sooooo much explosivity once you invert the wing for jumping it looks like it wants to take you to the moon!! Haha.

Besides jokes It’s very versatile, it has a great waveriding performance, but the best thing that this wing does is Boosting, get Hangtime and you can get to high levels of speed due to its low-aspect shape!

BTW: I’m doing a review about it, stay tuned on my. Social-Media!! 

I will definitely compete with it!  I’m using the Hover Glide FSURF Package, I think it’s the most versatile foil on the Slingshot Foil range, you can wing on it, you can kite on it, and of course Surf on it!

I have never tried the Phantasm foil, it looks really sick, and would love to get to try it one day and get some high speeds on it!




How does winging compare to kiting? 

I think Winging is a mix of kiting and windsurfing, I like it cause you have freedom and you can use it in any conditions, sometimes the conditions are not that great for kiting, so I just take the wing out of my garage and start to enjoy every type of conditions!



Tenerife looks like a great place for Winging and Kiting! I heard you are starting your own kite school, can you tell us more about it?

Tenerife is a great place for everything, I can say that I live in paradise haha, 

I’m really stoked to open a new kiteschool in LO STAGNONE (ITALY) with my Dad.

It gonna be open from the 15th of March until the end of October! Of course you’re invited and feel free to come when you want! 



What are your plans/goals for 2021?

MY plans are to focus more on Freestyle and Wing-foiling this year, the GKA announced already all the junior Stops and I keep my fingers crossed so that they will be able to confirm it!

And of course I want to take part in the GWA (GLOBALWINGASSOCIATION)



How is that new XR Sci Fly? Do you prefer strapless freestyle on twin tip freestyle? 

The Sci-Fly XR is just a beast! It’s 10 times stronger than the previous one, it’s also lighter so I can perform my tricks even better!

I love both disciplines, I just depend on the conditions of the day, example: when there are around 24-28 knots I like to go big on my Sci-Fly XR and on my 9M Raptor!

As you know Freestyling with lots of ain’t much fun but there are some days that I have to because maybe there is a competition on the list so I have to train for it!

I love to freestyle when there are great conditions for my 9M and 11M RPM V12.



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