Pablo Amores Kitesurfing Blog


PABLO AMORES is from Tarifa, Spain and hit the kitesurfing circuit hard starting in 2016.  He is amazing to watch shredding the surf at his favorite spot; Ponta Preta

Team Manager, Sam Light, catches up with Pablo and talks about his outlook for this coming year. 



Hey Pablo! I heard you are in Cabo Verde right now!? How is it out there? How long are you staying?

It is really nice. Right now there are no COVID cases here at all. Also it is sunny like always and wavy. Cabo Verde is such an amazing country that always hosts me with the best vibe ever. Right now I’m in Sal, kitesurf training, strapless, surf foil, and surf. I was supposed to just be here for two weeks, but in the end I will stay at least one month


How was it traveling there from Spain? I heard they are canceling a lot of flights at the moment.

Yes, they were canceling a lot, I was supposed to be in Capetown now but my flight got canceled. My trip was a mission. I bought my flight ticket on Friday and I was here on Monday. My dad had to make my PCR test at home (He is a doctor) because was everything last-minute decision. It was a bit tricky cause I had to take a 10 hours night bus between Sevilla and Lisbon. It was worth it though as after that I got my flight and I arrived at this magical place. 

What are your plans/goals for 2021?

Like every year I want to do the GKA wave stops, but this year I don’t really know if that will be possible. The GKA crew are trying to do their best to keep with the tour! That’s why I want to focus a lot on my videos traveling around the world during this hard time that the whole world is suffering. Also, one of my main goals is to get better at riding into barrels while kitesurfing. 

How do you like the new XR construction surf boards?

The new construction is really sick. I have been riding the Sci Fly Surfboard.   It feels softer for hits and wipeouts,  but is still hard and didn’t lose flexibility, so quite good. I really love them!

I see you have been using the Raptor lately for strapless freestyle, why do you like the Raptor for strapless freestyle? 

The Raptor is designed for big air so it has a really good hang time, for boardoffs this kite is amazing. It gives me the extra hang time I need for some strapless freestyle tricks. Also, I feel very comfortable doing fronts and kind of low rotations with my Raptor! As most of people know, Tarifa is a windy place, but also gusty. The five strut construction makes this kite really stable when is flying, I really appreciate that when I go to a strapless sesh and it is blowing 35-45 knots. 

ponta preta

I see you have been building a camper van, lets see some pictures!


Yes!!! I’m planning to do a van trip from Tarifa along Portugal and staying for a few weeks in Galicia (North Spain). There are really good waves and wind! The bad thing is that I didn’t finish still, I went out of Spain very fast. But when I’m coming back really want to finish it for sure. Here some pics from the last days!