Slingshot Surfboards – Choosing a Kite Surfboard Size and Shape | 2020

Slingshot Surfboards 2020 – Which kite surfboard size and shape is a fit for you?


New shapes, new construction and a fresh new lineup.

With new, lighter construction, one all-new model and tweaks and improvements across the board, 2020 is an exciting model year for Slingshot surfboards. The models in the line- namely the Celero, Tyrant, Mixer and Sci-Fly- have been dialed in, each with its own performance and rider profile, to satisfy riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities in all conditions.

So which board is best for you?

To help highlight the differences between each model, we put together this basic breakdown of each one and what style of surfing it was designed for.

New construction for all: All 2020 Slingshot surfboards received an overhaul in construction to make them lighter and more responsive, without sacrificing strength and durability. To achieve this, we went with a super lightweight EPS foam core, and built several performance and durability features in. A bamboo reinforcement panel under the front foot, carbon stringer strips on the top and bottom and 3K carbon rail savers under the back foot all help add strength and stiffness where it’s needed most. The result is a lighter, snappier board with a more responsive and connected feel to the water and the durability you can count on from a Slingshot product.


Slingshot 2020 kite surfboards

2020 | Tyrant, Mixer, Celero FR & Sci Fly


Celero FR- 5’ / 5’6” / 5’10”

The basics:

The Celero is the most versatile board in the Slingshot lineup. With a classic shortboard shape and an updated squash pin tail, the Celero is the one-board quiver capable of handling crumbly underpowered conditions to fully-lit and overhead to strapless freestyle.

Unique features:

  • Classic shortboard shape- familiar feel, ideal for versatility in all conditions
  • Squash pin tail- nice lift and low-end drive with snappy turning
  • Three-fin thruster setup- stable, maneuverable, versatile

Performance/rider profile

The Celero is a board you really can’t go wrong with. While the other three boards in the 2020 line are tuned to more specific styles or conditions (Tyrant= larger waves, Sci-Fly= slashy freeride/freestyle, Mixer= smaller conditions), the Celero is the one-board-quiver that will hold its own in pretty much any condition.


Mixer- 5’6” / 5’8” / 5’10”

The basics:

The Mixer is an amalgamation of many of our boards of years past blended into one. It can be best described as playfully versatile, with a loose but responsive feel, great board speed, plenty of lift and the ability to change the fin configuration to dramatically change the board’s feel and performance.

Unique features:

  • Versatile shape- classic shortboard nose with double-winged rounded pin tail
  • Five-fin configuration- lets you mix-it-up
  • Quad-concave bottom- channels water under board, creates lift and reduces drag

Performance/rider profile:

The Mixer is a versatile, all-around shape, but is best suited for small to medium waves and mushy waves, choppy water, lighter wind and less-than-ideal conditions when a little extra oomph from your board goes a long way. As the only board in the Slingshot lineup with five fin boxes, the Mixer provides the ability to swap between fin configurations to change board speed, carving sensitively, loose vs. tight turning and overall performance.


Tyrant: 5’8” / 6’

The basics:

The Tyrant is our dedicated wave slayer designed for aggressive surfers, big waves, fast action and locked-in heel-toe performance.

Unique features:

  • Classic shortboard shape, slender outline provide speed and critical big wave performance
  • Rounded squash tail adds reliable, locked-in edging
  • Slender outline- fast, locked-in feel
  • Three-fin thruster setup for locked-in edging and carving

Performance/rider profile

The Tyrant is a fan favorite for riders who want a dedicated wave board in their quiver. It excels in fast, powered-up conditions, medium to large waves and is best suited for more experienced riders who will appreciate the speed and locked-in performance its slender profile provides.


NEW: Sci-Fly- 4’8” / 5’

The basics:

An all-new board for 2020, the Sci-Fly is a compact and progressive shape designed for playful freeriding and aerial freestyle performance.

Unique features

  • Compact shape, snub nose ideal for in-air performance
  • Winged diamond tail gives a pivotal feel and clean release off the water
  • Indented grab rail is a must for mid-air grabs and maneuvers
  • Carbon reinforcements on deck and tail help prevent dents and damage

Performance/rider profile

The Sci-Fly is a dedicated freeride and freestyle board designed for powered-up riding, quick and slashy on-wave performance and agility in the air. If you’re looking to bridge the gap between your twin tip and a traditional surfboard, the Sci-Fly is the solution.

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