SLINGSHOT Tech Talk – The Misfit All-Around Twin Tip Download

The Misfit is the best selling twin tip in the Slingshot range and that’s because of it’s all-around performance. This year it got a complete and total rehaul.



The Misfit is an all-around twin tip that has a completely new design for 2020. We wanted to make this the most user-friendly board and pack it full of performance, so that’s what you’re going to get here. The Misfit is available in a 133, 137, 143 and 147 centimeter sizes. It is a full wood core board through the belly, and then we have our featherweight KOROYD TIPS. These are also going to be the most noticeable feature on the board and they look a perform really great. They are thermally welded copolymer tubes that are essentially like a honeycomb. What it does is reduce weight and it also increases dampening. Weight reduction in the tip and tail is going to decrease swing weight, which is going to make this board a lot more comfortable when you’re manipulating it in the air and carrying it on the beach, and also riding.

This board is one of the smoothest boards through the water which is great for beginners, intermediates and advanced riders alike. It truly is an all-around twin-tip.

Rounding out through the bottom we have our NACA tech channels they are parabolic rails going from the tip to the tail of the board. Water gets pushed through the channel and then shoots out the other side, increasing board speed and giving you more traction through the water. The belly of the board on the bottom has a single subtle concave which provides really great upwind performance and also gives you that really smooth feel through the chop of the water. This board also features single shot fusion sidewall which is a urethane rail that increases dampening. It’s going to also make the board really smooth through the water. There’s also no seams, and when there are no seams, that means there are no weak points and since there are no weak points, it’s just going to be a more durable board for you.

 If you do get a nick after you hit something or drop a board on the beach or in the parking lot, you can just go ahead and sand those away. And it’s a really durable package.

One of the things that we focused on with the Misfit was this new outline. The new outline is extremely friendly and what it does is it gives a lot of effective rail in the water. It’s going to really help you with going upwind. It’s also going to help you for pop when you’re learning new tricks. Our favorite change to the Misfit this year is the really great taper on the tip and tail that decreases all the spray in the face.  A lot of other intermediate kiteboards will spray but not the new Misfit, it’s one of its most friendly and best features.

New for 2020, the Misfit comes with a new 1.75 inch fin. In years past they came with a two inch fin that also had just a lot of drag and a lot of hang up. The 1.75 inch fin is just as effective for grip and hold, but has a much cleaner release, so when you’re learning tricks, your first backrolls or upwind rides, it’s just going to be a lot easier and it’s not hang you up as much.

The Misfit also comes with a completely re-engineered grab handle. This is a polycarbonate grab handle with a rubber overlay. It’s going to give you a lot of grip and a really secure hold, but it’s also quite soft so that if you are going to fall on it, it’s going to give some give and it’s not going to hurt you too much.

Rounding out the Misfit are our carbon bedrock inserts. This is a proprietary Slingshot innovation, where our insert pack is actually inlaid in carbon, which is then inlaid underneath the wood core, that’s going to make sure that this insert pack is extremely durable but also very, very flexible. That’s one thing that we really want to dial in on the Misfit was the flex pattern. It’s going to be one of the more flexi boards in our range, which is also going to give you some spring back, but it’s also going to be really comfortable through the water, especially when going through chop and managing through the waves and really bumpy conditions.

This board impressed us the most during the testing stage. When we tested it and designed it, we were really excited with how it came out, and we all were thinking that we’re probably going to order a Misfit this year. So if you haven’t tried the Misfit in a long time, I would urge you to get back out there and try it, because it’s definitely one of our favorite boards in the range and one of the most exciting developments for 2020 in the Twin Tip category.