Slingshot Turbine – A light wind kite with an affection for hydrofoiling.

2019 Turbine – You Will Like It If…


Want to kite in as little as 4 knots of wind without a hydrofoil? The Turbine is a light wind kite you can count on.

Your playtime is precious and you can’t afford to waste it sitting on the beach waiting for the wind to pick up. You’ll love the Turbine if you want a high-performance light wind kite that will guarantee you more time on the water and more fun while you’re out there.


The Turbine is Slingshot’s sure-fire solution to a problem that has plagued wind junkies since before kiteboarding was even a sport. You’re on-location, revved up and ready to play, but the wind has other plans. Worse than dead calm (at least then you would give up and do something else for the day), it’s blowing a steady 5-10 knots- just windy enough to tease you into wasting half your day waiting around for the wind to pick up.


At 13, 15, 17 and 19 meter sizes, the Turbine is Slingshot’s dedicated light wind kite designed to turn underpowered frowns upside down. With more power and pull per square meter than any other kite in the Slingshot lineup, the Turbine is a high-efficiency beast that has redefined light wind limits and made kiting possible in locations previously thought too light to be viable.


  •       High-aspect shape favors power, efficiency, and light-wind performance
  •       Session saver- a must-have for light wind locations
  •       Long, lofty airs; just sheet in and ride the elevator
  •       Freestyle friendly- great pop and carry, pulls like a tank
  •       Fine-tuned bridle helps with relaunching in low wind
  •       Great upwind performance
  •       Bomber Slingshot construction, guaranteed


Tech Talk:

The magic of the Turbine comes from its high-aspect shape that resembles the wing of a long-distance seabird. With a long, slender profile, the Turbine, once it gets up to speed the Turbine generates significantly more pull, lift and speed than deeper canopy shapes. It also flies more forward in the window, which gives it better upwind angles, more lift and long, lofty jumping performance.  


Who’s it for?

Kiters of all ability levels in light wind locations. For entry-level riders, the Turbine’s relatively slow steering speed is helpful in keeping the kite under control without oversteering during the learning process. It’s has a park-and-ride pull that requires very little steering input once you’re going, which is great for learners still working on board skills as well as advanced riders hitting features and sliders. For freestyle/wakestyle riders, the Turbine pulls as steady and solid as a cable, performs well unhooked and has long, lofty airs.