Slingshot Wake 2018 | The Valdosta Yardsale II

The Return of the Valdosta Yardsale

The dust from the 2018 Yardsale has settled and our hard-drives are fully loaded with epic content. So, what’s next? In one week’s time, we will be dropping the overall video edit of what went down at the Yardsale in Valdosta, GA. The goal of this year was to crown an overall champion of the full size cable event, but even more importantly, to flood the internet with more epic video content of the Yardsale than your eyeballs can handle!


A birds eye view with Blake Bishop and Rodrigo Donoso


When it comes to the full size event, 36 riders were randomly drawn to make up 6 heats of 6 riders with the top rider advancing to a 6 man final. James Windsor represented team Slingshot in the final, but was edged out of the podium finish…regardless, it was an epic showing on the main cable and we are stoked to congratulate Liam Peacock, William Klang, and Dary Znebel on their flawless rides!


The 2018 Valdosta Yardsale II full cable podium


As far as the video contest goes, 36 invited riders were randomly drawn from a hat by team captains to make up 5 super teams.  These 5 groups worked together for 3 days straight, filming throughout the park to produce their best possible edit from the Compound.


Team Captains were selected by VWC locals for their exceptional skills not just on a board, but also behind the lens.

The Teams

Wesley Mark Jacobsen – Yannik Paton, Blake Bishop, Davis Griffin, John Dreiling, Jules Charraud, Antoine Allaux

Daniel Grant – Anna Nikstad, Chris Abadie, Cody Hesse, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Riley Dillon, Simon Pattai

Trevor Bashir – Dominic Hernler, Dary Znebel, Jamie Lopina, Oli Derome, Guenther Oka, Wes Huber

Steffen Vollert – Dyla Miller, James Windsor, Felix Georgii, William Klang, Liam Peacock, Brock Baker

Trevor Maur – Austin Pratt, Cole Vanthof, Quinn Silvernale, Crosse Bearden, Liam Brearley, Conrad Mcintosh, Meagan Ethell


Wall Riding through the system 2 course at the Valdosta Yardsale II

Quinn Silvernale and Cole Vanthof making it happen for team Trevor Maur!


Following the release of the overall event edit, These 5 edits will be hosted on Alliance Wake for your viewing and voting pleasure. The edit with the most votes after 5 days will be deemed the winner of the video event, and rewarded handsomely with boatloads of Rockstar Energy Drinks to keep them charging hard, and also some cash to buy whatever other drinks they enjoy in their free time ; ).


Hold on to your pants kids…the eyeball feast is almost ready for your consumption! In the meantime enjoy this epic photo gallery courtesy of Rodrigo Donoso