Slingshot! Venezia! Fotografia! PIZZA! Quasi Quasi!

Slingshot team riders

Slingshot team riders in venice

The Slingshot Wake team heads to Venice, Italy to shoot the 2018 cable products.

All images courtesy of Steffen Vollert


Viva Venice

Venice, Italy is said to be the greatest city in the world – far from where we imagined we would be doing our Slingshot 2018 product shoot. However, thanks to the forward thinking of brands like Sesitec  we are now able to travel to some of the greatest places in the world, with our wakeboards in hand, to do what we love.

Aaron Gun slingshot cableboard

Aaron Gunn tossing some aqua blue water around at Wakepark Cable 7


Wakepark Cable 7

Wakepark Cable 7 hosted the 2018 European Slingshot distributor meetings, photoshoot, and so much more. Heaven on earth for wakeboarders, and also people who could give two shits about wakeboarding. ; ) It’s a playground for all whether you want to chill out on the beach, socialize with friends, swim, wakeboard, or party all night. You definitely don’t want to miss Thursday evenings when 3 thousand people turn up along with a DJ, a 10-foot tall dancing robot, and perhaps some half naked women.


Someone’s Gotta Do It

Fast forward an hour to a sunrise photo sessions with Slingshot team rider / photographer / videographer Steffen Vollert . We had pizzas, bread, olives and oils for breakfast then some free time for mid-day explorations into town, foil rides on the system 2.0 and chilling in the sun. Finally, back to work and back on the water for another evening session with the 2018 gear. The team was absolutely digging the new product including the new Slingshot Nomad with park base as well as the new Slingshot Contrast, and the rest of our usual suspects.

Take Aways

Slingshot continues to pursue new designs and innovations for board riders around the world and we are stoked to share some of our latest insights within this range of products. The performance is top notch (as would be expected) and the polish is now through the roof. Enjoy these images from our Italian adventures below a we lead up to the complete worldwide release of 2018 products.

Trust us, this wait is well worth it!


Team Slingshot Wake

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And in case you missed it, don’t forget to check out the 2018 Cable Teaser video from the trip!