Slingshot Wake | 2019 – We didn’t invent boat riding, we’re RE-inventing it.


Alex Graydon on the cover of Alliance Wake Magazine

Alex Graydon and Jeff Mathis team up for one of the most epic boat riding shots to date…gracing the cover of the latest Alliance Wake Magazine. Follow this link to see video footage of the cover shot and a whole lot more from Graydon and his crew! 


We didn’t invent boat riding…We’re RE-inventing it.  

They say all things come in waves – especially style.  When I was 13 years old, I thought I had the coolest haircut in the world. When I was 23, I looked back at that haircut and thought “Man, I looked like a dumbass.” Now, I’m 32 years old and I have that same 13 year old haircut again.

At Slingshot, we’re convinced that wakeboarding is no different.  You can only handle so much of a particular flavor or style before you need to switch it up.  Think back to the ski board era, then the new crew, the pointless crew, shredtown, skinny stances, and so on… At Slingshot, we’re ready for the new flavor behind the boat, and guys like Alex Graydon are delivering.

To us, riding boat has always been about bringing new ideas to the endless liquid table tops that make you feel good and get your blood pumping. Whether that’s a new flavor for a classic trick, or wrapping up when everyone else is passing the handle, it’s about breaking the rules and making it look and feel good every step of the way.  Riding narrow when everyone else is riding wide, grabbing here when everyone else is grabbing there, or potentially not even grabbing at all.  Making wakeboarding look and feel different.  Making it FUN, not scary.  We’d much rather be the first riders to re-invent the method than the 17th rider to hit a double flip wake to wake.


Alex Graydon photographed by Jeff Mathis

Alex Graydon – Blind Method

So when they say boat riding is dead…they’re wrong!  It’s just become redundant as we’ve been force fed the same content from the same 10 riders for the last decade.  Vigorous training regiments and diets, crossfit memberships, contest bibs and trophy shelves.  That’s what we call a Wake Jock, and it’s far from the reason we signed up to go boating.  We’re interested in finding new ways to enjoy boating.  New tricks, new products, and new faces.  Riding all day with your crew, and soaking in the epic vibes with a cold beer as you pull into the dock at sunset.  Stokemeters pinned, preferably without the contractually obligated red bull endorsement at the end.


Slingshot Wake / Alliance Wake - reinventing boat

That was then and this is now…

Alex Graydon didn’t win the fan favorite in the 2017 X Games Real Wake event because he did a 1080 or a double flip.  He won it because his wakeboarding is unlike anything else we are used to seeing.  It’s fun, it’s creative, and it opens your mind.  Wakeboard fans around the world voted for this which means we are all ready to see our sport take new direction… So here’s to the next 10 years filled with longer boards, narrower stances, weirder grabs and more natural women who leave the seats of your boat smelling like Patchouli oil!


-The Slingshot Crew


Ride what Alex rides:

the Slingshot Pill is our premier boat board serving up extra large doses of pop, stoke, and overall good vibes on the boat. Read more of Slingshot Rider’s top board choices here!

2018 Slingshot Pill wakeboard