Slingshot Wake Global Episode 3 lands in Estonia at Rahinge Wake Park.

Welcome to Rahinge Wake Park in the humble town of Rahinge, Estonia. Each Summer we make a point to travel somewhere NEW, and in 2022 there was no place more on our radar than Estonia. Rahinge Wake Park is home to pro team rider Simon Pettai and has a feel reminiscent of the Shredtown days back in Texas.

 Simon and his crew were kind enough to build a bunch of sick new features and host us for a long weekend of epic vibes on and off the water. Steffen Vollert and James Windsor joined Simon, Wes Huber and his crew for nothing but the best of times all around the park. 

this is what wakeboarding is all about...
A typical afternoon in Rahinge - soaking up the afternoon sun and getting hyped to shred.
Wes Huber with an UBER fs lipslide on the Space Raider
No better way to end the day...
Local hangs at the dirt track - another one of the crew's favorite past-time.

Special thanks to Martin Bachmann founder and owner of Rahinge Wakepark.


Simon Pettai, Marko Malsub, Oliver Malsub, Martin Bachmann, Kadri Mets, James Windsor and Wes Huber.

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