Slingshot Wake Global: FRANCE.

Slingshot Wake Global: France.

Meet the next generation of talent in Slingshot FranceĀ 
A Visual Journey Though the Eyes of Steffen Vollert

As wakeboarding continues to grow, our focus is to continue growing alongside it. New wake parks are being built regularly all around the world. Each one of those parks, new or not, has its own crew, lingo and vibe that go along with it. There’s no better way to progress your riding or re-invent your perspective than visiting new parks around the world. Steffen Vollert is a connoisseur of just that…There are very few people that have visited, rode at and documented as many parks as he has. Late last fall he traveled through France with the new Slingshot France squad visiting parks, filming and taking photos to show you what Slingshot France is all about.

Special thanks to Slingshot France, and all the riders who joined for these few days of doing what we do best!

Bienvenue En France!
West Wake Park looking tasty as ever...
O.G. Antoine Allaux showing the young guns how things work.
Groms Ewan & Marin watched, now it's time to learn.
Heaven? Nope it's West Wake Park.
Jacquo & Noe are ready for the first session of the day.
So are their feet...
Mostly likely drinking red wine and eating cheese...
Or maybe barbecued sausage & beer?
On to the next park.
Late night business meetings @ BZH Wake Park
JB & Noe team work, France style
JB still a bit shy after his new haircut during last nights business meeting.
JB hand-plant, SpaceMob style...
Hugo chillin in the shade @ TSN44 Wake Park
Hugo testing the waters @ TSN44 Wakepark