Slingshot Wake: Meet The “Zuupack”

Meet the ZUUPACK.



The rise of the Zuupack IS HAPPENING as we type these very words. They are young, wild, free, and really don’t seem to give a F#%K when it comes to throwing themselves into the air and hoping to return to the water right side up. This is the key to progression in wakeboarding, and the best part about it all is it’s happening in public cableparks and on features that are accessible by all. Just when you thought an obstacle had been hit in every way possible, Luke finds a new piece of tranny or Vic sends a flip over it. Jonn is a tech-god, Gabe has balls the size of a gorilla (which is where we think the name really came from) and Maxx makes it all look like butter, both in front of the lens and behind it. Collectively they have all the ingredients of a boy band of epic proportions, except totally different, and with boards…The point is you don’t know them all YET, but you will soo, and You’ll likely add an additional letter to your name – like Jonn or Maxx – because it gives you more street cred with Gen Z’ers. Follow the Zuupack now, and meet the squad below! 


-Jeff[f]  (Slingshot Wake TM)


Gabe Menendez: Age, Marital Status, Setup, Interesting facts:

20, in love with the universe, 158 Volt n’ mobs, must have cafe con leche.


Jonn Bonet: Age, Marital Status, Setup, Interesting Facts:

24, SSB4L, slackbody for days, 157 coalition; ketchup only. No tomatoes.


Maxx Evan: Age, Marital Status, Setup, Interesting Facts: 

23, married to the zuu, slingshot native + ktv’s; food is the key to my heart.


Luke Holmes: Age, Marital Status, Setup, Interesting Facts:

23, hungry,153 volt with rads, interesting fact I’m not lightskin I’m mixed. 


Vic Garcia: Age, Marital Status, Setup, Interesting Facts:

  1. SSB4L. Slappy Enthusiast,157 coalition, throws up when zeaching, allergic to riding behind doubles.


Luke Holmes Sending one off the top at Revolution cable park in South Florida.


How long have you all been a “Pack”? 

Too damn long. Long enough to have seen Gabe through 3 girlfriends and a few full length haircuts.


What part of the world would you consider your “Stomping Grounds”?

Miami, Florida. 305 till we die.


Where do you draw your riding inspiration from? 

Felix Georgii, Sam Dehan, Joe Battleday, Morgan Maasen, Robert Neal, Zion Wright, Young Doli, GimbalGod’s page, Graeme Burress 


Do any of you have real jobs, or are you roaming full time?

A few of us own our own businesses. Gabe’s getting that engineering degree, but somehow we all end up back at the cable.


Who’s idea was the ZuuPack?

We all came up with it after riding together for years. 


Jonn Bonet, a.k.a. the tech master “slack body” 😂


Did you come up with the name and then adopt the emoji, or chose the emoji first then come up with a name to match?

We evolved from apes. We’re still apes. It’s a community of animals out here. Zuunation baby.


Are you going to allow others to join the club? Is there a password? 

We get hype on anyone who gets stoked on shredding. At the end of the day we gotta remember why we’re doing this. We’re just having fun out there.


Where is the Next ZuuPack trip going to lead you?

Hopefully to NC. We’re putting it out there. Elevated, we’re coming for u baby. Maybe sprinkle in some Westrock on top while we’re out there.


Who makes your videos? Does everyone contribute or are you going to be screwed if Maxx decides to leave the band? 

Maxx is the harpist to our choir– together we create a symphony. On the real, Zuupack  wouldn’t be what it is without each individual member and what we each bring to the table. 


Who is the most Daring?



Who is the most caring? 

The whole pack, we’re a buncha lovers


Vic Garcia a.k.a. @maximum_sender heading into the night


Who doesn’t give a f#%k? 



Who’s mom is hoping this is just a phase and that they’ll “get a real job” soon? 

Our moms are Zuu4L


Who will be the first to get the ZUUpack tattoo?

All of us 


What’s the 18-month plan? 

Infiltrate & Conquer. Zuunation. 


Would you rather go to Shredtown 6 years ago or to VWC today? 

Shredtown for that jamboree setup. But VWC has got it going on now. Do you have a time machine? 


Last words and shoutouts? 

Miami Watersports Complex 👊Buywake, Charles Darwin