Slingshot Wakefoiler Board sets off A Wake Foil Frenzy

The release of Slingshot’s new Wake Foil board, the Wakefoiler, sets off a full blown Wake Foil frenzy

seconds before liftof on the Wake Foil

The moment before takeoff on the Wake Foil board

Developed out of a lifelong curiosity of what it feels like to fly, at this point it’s safe to say that the Wakefoiler has re-invigorated the boating experience completely.

You can fly behind virtually ANY towboat and have the ride of your life regardless of conditions, wake size, etc. It’s like surfing on a dolphins back or flying an airplane with your feet. Riding the Wake Foil board takes you back to the good old days of learning a new discipline behind the boat.  The grin from ear to ear that follows is practically inevitable.

“The first time Tony (Logosz) brought a foil out on the boat it was about 45 inches long, razor sharp, and attached to a wakeskate. I told them that in my opinion it would never catch on behind the boat. Fast forward a year to the graduated mast program introduced by Slingshot Kite that took all the fear/ risk out of learning to foil and we are IN BUSINESS! Learning to ride on a 15 inch mast with a sturdy foil changed the experience entirely. After the first ride we were all hooked. We were giggling like little girls in the boat with total excitement. It was at that point I knew I was going to have to swallow my pride and make the call to explain how we just had the best time boating with this new toy.”  -Jeff McKee

Tony Logosz with a Wake Foil wing

Wake Foil visionary Tony Logosz

Slingshot lead designer Tony Logosz is always miles down the road working on the next potential thrill for watersports. His garage is filled with more toys than any of us could ever know what to do with. Trials, errors, winners, losers and more, he has them all. Tony has a vision far past the obvious which is where the Wake Foil idea came to life.

“This foil has me hooked and excited to be on the water again. Every time we go out we are learning more about it and everyone in the boat is fighting to go next.” – Louis Floyd

When learning to ride the foil we recommend starting slow with the short mast and a long rope to ease into the flying experience. We’ve built an online learning too called Wake Foil Academy which walks you through the entire experience, and the best part is that no one is too young or to ride, and even cousin Billy’s duck boat with the 30 horse will do the job!

Even Team Rider Wes Jacobsen managed to get out for a ride at the Valdosta Wake Compound. Check out the video below from his first lap ever to understand the excitement that surrounds your first experience with this new challenge.

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