Tony Logosz on the Slingshot Wind Foil

Wind Foil 2018: Part 1- A return to our roots

 A blast to the past … and the future with the Wind Foil

Here’s something most people probably don’t know about Slingshot: Our love affair with windsurfing dates back to before kiteboarding was even a sport.

Slingshot founders Jeff and Tony Logosz were tinkerers and gear junkies since they were kids, and their introduction to wind sports came in the late 1970s, when florescent wetsuits were hot and long-haired slackers were in exodus to the Columbia River Gorge for the amazing wind, the low-key vibe and the excitement of being somewhere, and part of something, you knew was about to explode.

But that was the past. We’re here to talk about the future. And for windsurfing, the future is all about the wind foil.


Sean wants to take you foil boarding. from Sean Aiken on Vimeo.

Evolution of the 2018 Slingshot Wind Foil Collection

When you see the name Slingshot, chances are you think about a kiteboarding brand, but Jeff and Tony were at ground zero in the Gorge, shaping boards and tinkering with wind surf gear long before kiteboarding hit the scene. Our 2018 wind foil collection is the culmination of more than 20 years of addiction to the wind, and if you think our many innovations in the kite industry are irrelevant, think again. In a way, our return to windsurfing is a return to our roots- we got our first taste for designing and shaping boards as windsurfers about 30 years ago. We’ve come a long way and taken a lot of different paths since then, but we’ve never forgotten where we came from or how we got our start.

For our 2018, we are launching the most comprehensive and innovative foil lineup ever created. This includes separate foil programs for windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing, SUP and wake, all of which are modular and cross-compatible with one another.

When you see what we’ve come up with, we’re confident you’ll be blown away. Here’s a preview and see the Wind Foil section of our website for a complete look at the 2018 wind foil line up:

Next up: Part 2 of this blog series is an overview of Slingshot’s 2018 windsurf foil collection.